Nowhere Finland 2012 design exhibition

Environmentally friendly design and creations selected for design exhibition

The exhibition was juried by designer Harri Koskinen, Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen, graphic designer Timo Berry and Regional Artist for Design, Paula Susitaival in Helsinki on the 27th of September, 2011.

The exhibition attracted submissions with a varied level of quality, and the jury’s mission was to root out the genuinely eco-friendly works. The assessment criteria emphasized maximum positive environmental impact and the product’s life cycle assessment. For example the maintenance of textile products was given special consideration, as it causes the majority of environmental load in their life cycle. The jury also assessed the raw-material production, manufacturing process, use and disposal of the product. In addition to meeting all the ecological criteria, the jury also expected impeccable aesthetic and functional qualities from the items selected for the exhibition.

The jury was pleased to see the high number of immaterial design creations submitted for the exhibition.

Design works and creations from a total of 47 designers, companies or groups were selected for the exhibition. The selected are listed below by Art Council region:

Arts Council of South Savo

Tiina Kylliäinen
Mikkelin ammattikorkeakoulu
Paula Ruuttunen

Artc Council of Häme

Satu Bethell
Olli Hirvonen & Mirko Ihrig
Kikka Jelisejeff
North Ark Oy
Nurmi Design
Anri Tenhunen

Arts Council of Southeast Finland

Kimmo Heikkilä

Arts Council of Central Finland

Kari Alonen
Ulla Lapiolahti ja Päivi Hintsanen

Arts Council of Lapland

Tenka Issakainen
MAYDAY-GROUP / Minna Lappalainen etc.
Paperivalo Ky
Palvelumuotoiluryhmä / Satu Miettinen etc.
Antti Suhanko

Arts Council of Oulu

Annika Heikkinen
Napikas / Marita Eskola

Arts Council of Pirkanmaa

Design Laurase
Studio Arto Halmetoja
Janne Salokannel

Arts Council of Ostrobothnia

Ateljé Sixten Ahlsved
Henna Mantere

Arts Council of North Karelia

Valkyrian Designs

Arts Council of North Savo

Design by Mirka
Kati Kainulainen
Micare Line Oy
Leena Mäki-Patola
OlkiQ Oy
Maria Räsänen

Arts Council of Satakunta

Lasistudio Jan Torstensson Oy

Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region

Aamumaa Oy
Cisneros Terho Arquitectos
Globe Hope Oy
Sanelma Hihnala
designStudio Marita Huurinainen
Majamoo Oy
Mifuko Oy
Timo Niskanen
Ore.e Jalostamot / Jesse Sipola & Eero Yli-Vakkuri
Inni Pärnänen
Jaana Tuomisto

Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi

Mervi ja Matti Vuolas
Saana ja Olli

A total 149 submissions was received for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be circulated in Jyväskylä, Savonlinna and Lahti

Nowhere Finland 2012 design exhibition will be exhibited in Jyväskylä, the Craft Museum of Finland from January 28 to May 13, 2012; Savonlinna Regional Museum in Riihisaari from June 15 to August 26, 2012; and the Sibelius Hall in Lahti from 4 September to 22 September , 2012. 22.09.2012. In addition to the touring exhibition, Nowhere Finland 2012 will also be published as an online exhibition.

The regional arts councils are producing this exhibition in collaboration with the Craft Museum of Finland and the Arts Council of Finland. The exhibition is also part of the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 event programme.

What is NowHere Finland?

NowHere Finland is a regional arts council cooperative, which biennially organizes design exhibitions. The first NowHere Finland design exhibition was organized in Seinäjoki in 2010. The exhibition was organized by the Ostrobothnian Arts Council, in collaboration with the Arts Councils of Häme, South-eastern Finland, Lapland, the Tampere Region, Northern Karelia, Satakunta, and South-western Finland.

In addition to the touring exhibition, design can also be seen on-line: NowHere Finland 2012 will also publish an on-line design exhibition. This web-gallery will provide links to design exhibitions and events in the different arts council areas.


Designers: present your environmentally friendly design-work and creations in the NowHere Finland 2011 design exhibition!